About us

SHREE KUTCH GURJAR JAIN SAMAJ TRUST (Bandra to Virar)... Have initiated a new stepping stone in the field of technological advancements, SAMASTA KUTCH GURJAR JAIN SAMAJ e directory.... The website aims to make information about SAMASTA KUTCH GURJAR JAIN SAMAJ community members easily accessible.... With the growing use of cell phones.

This initiative also aims to keep members connected and informed about various activities, events and news of entire community around the globe...

Why eDirectory ??

  • * News and events shall be posted on website
  • * members details and contact info available in a click
  • * matrimonial eligible candidates list with details
  • * classifieds and business info for job seekers and traders
  • * blood donors in the neighborhood.


One stop Search on the basis of : family , area, business , matrimony , blood group etc.


To keep members connected and involved via medium of technology and to bring the generation next closer to their native land...


  • * involvement of members in various social and cultural activities .
  • * documentation of vital events and happenings in the community at a large
  • * community information passing and gathering.